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General Terms and Conditions for shop operators

The following General Terms and Conditions of
KUPF Services GmbH
Untere Donaulände 10/1
4020 Linz
FN 540271t
hereinafter referred to as KUPF Services GmbH, apply to all operators of stores on the kupfticket.com platform, hereinafter referred to as users.
Date of the version: 10/03/2022 They include the following points:

  1. KUPF Services GmbH makes its platform kupfticket.com available to the user for the promotion of cultural events and the sale of tickets for these events. KUPF Services GmbH endeavors to ensure the smooth operation of the platform, but cannot assume any guarantee or liability in the event of any failures due to hardware damage or software problems within its own sphere of influence or with third parties such as the Internet provider or the hoster.
  2. The user himself acts as the seller of the tickets to the end customers, KUPF Services GmbH therefore does not enter into any direct business relationship with the customers and does not provide any warranty or support to them. The user indemnifies KUPF Services GmbH from claims for damages by the end customers. In particular, the user is also responsible for correct information (especially imprint, privacy policy, general terms and conditions …) in his ticket store.
  3. The company Stripe, based in the USA, is responsible as the payment service provider for the kupfticket.com platform. The registration with Stripe runs via the platform, for which the registration information must be passed on to the payment service provider.
  4. KUPF Services GmbH receives a service fee from the user for its expenses for the development, maintenance, technical operation, advertising of the platform and the payment costs via the payment service provider. This fee is automatically transferred to the account of KUPF Services GmbH upon payment, the remaining amount is transferred to the account of the user. The current price conditions apply, which can be viewed under https://kupfticket.com/en/info/pricing. Changes to the prices will be announced one week in advance by e-mail to the registered e-mail address.
  5. If tickets are refunded to the purchaser, whether via the payment service provider or in cash, the user is not entitled to a refund of the service fee already paid.
  6. Both contracting parties shall endeavor to resolve any potential problems amicably and in the interest of both parties. Before a judicial solution is sought, the contracting parties undertake to find a solution within the framework of mediation.
  7. KUPF Services GmbH reserves the right to unilaterally remove events from the platform that grossly violate the socio-political principles of KUPF Services GmbH, should damage to the public reputation of KUPF Services GmbH or its shareholders be feared. This applies, for example, to events with xenophobic content.
  8. The user can stop using the platform at any time. KUPF Services GmbH may give the user notice of termination with a 3-month lead time; in the event of gross violations of the GTCs, notice of termination may also be given immediately. Payment obligations already entered into are not affected by this.