General Terms and Conditions for end users

The following General Terms and Conditions of
KUPF Services GmbH
Untere Donaulände 10/1
4020 Linz
FN 540271t

hereinafter referred to as KUPF Services GmbH apply to all end customers of the platform KUPFticket.com.
Date of the version: 03.10.2022 They include the following points:

  1. The platform KUPFticket.com is operated by KUPF Services GmbH and is a platform for brokering tickets for events. It enables the conclusion of a sales contract between event organizers and ticket buyers. No contractual relationship arises between the operator of KUPFticket.com and the ticket purchasers. The operator of KUPFticket.com is therefore not liable for a possible refund of the entrance fees by the organizers.
  2. Tickets will be delivered by e-mail and offered as download. You can either print the ticket or view it directly on a smartphone or other mobile device.
  3. Each code is unique and valid only once. Each ticket loses its validity the first time you enter with a uniquely assignable code, subsequent tickets with the same (perhaps copied) code will be denied access. Therefore, please avoid copying, photographing or forwarding your codes. Please also follow the respective user instructions of the organizers on the ticket.
  4. As an alternative or supplement to the QR code, you will find an alphanumeric code on each ticket – keep or store it safely. KUPFticket.com and the organizers are not liable for lost or invalidated codes (tickets), the loss of an access authorization cannot be replaced. The organizers have the right to personalize the tickets for the purpose of improved security. The transfer of already purchased tickets is allowed only with the express permission of the organizers.
  5. By using the admission ticket, the user also accepts the General Terms and Conditions of the respective organizer and the house rules of the venue.
  6. The payment process for the purchase of tickets is handled by the external service provider stripe.com. Tickets only become valid after they have been paid for in full. Tickets at KUPFticket.com have an “All In” price, which means that any fees for payment services are already included in the ticket price.
  7. The organizers may charge a service fee of up to 10% for the refund of the ticket price. In the event of postponement or cancellation, the ticket holder waives the right to assert claims against the organizers that go beyond the refund of the ticket price excluding the service fee.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to make minor or objectively justified changes to the line-up or program.
  9. Otherwise, the general terms and conditions of the respective organizers apply.
  10. The place of jurisdiction is Linz, Austria.